Mountain Emergency Care Course (MECC)

Mountain Emergency Care is the provision of pre-hospital emergency care for clinical conditions, multiple or single, that may arise from the full spectrum of outdoor hazards (trauma, medical, toxicological and environmental) at all levels of medical capability prior to definitive treatment at an appropriate in-patient facility.  Mountain Emergency Care takes place across the full operational spectrum, from low-level hill walking, climbing and mountaineering for both individuals and leaders, both in the UK and abroad.

The Mountain Emergency Care Course, MECC for short, is a 2-day educational course designed to teach and assess the individual hill walker, climber or mountaineer in Level 1 skills that would be of benefit to a casualty, over and above the standard skills taught on an Emergency First Aid Course (EFA); the EFA course forms the first part of the syllabus, in accordance with an AQA/HSE Approved Training Course.

For individuals that work with children, especially those who are under 16 years old, there is an additional Duty of Care involved and individuals, tutors, teachers and leaders should have an increased understanding of the anatomy and physiology of children, as well as the mechanisms of compensation involved.  For these individuals, we have written the MECC-P (Paediatric) syllabus, which teaches these specific guidelines.


The course has been written specifically in accordance with the current requirements of the MLT(UK) WGL, ML(S) and SPA syllabi and the current standards of the JRCALC Clinical Practice Guidelines required for providers of emergency life support in the United Kingdom above and beyond the HSE Emergency First Aid requirements.


EMS 565222 ISO 14001
Individuals who have completed an AQA Approved EFA Course can apply for Approved Prior Education and Learning (APEL) and only have to complete the second day, after they have been assessed in accordance with current Resuscitation Council UK (ILCOR/ERC) Basic Life Support Standards.
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